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Tagging - Bookmarking

APD Tactic 1 - Tagging and Bookmarking

A term coined in the Web1.0 days was that you needed to make your website "sticky" - you needed to provide meaningful content that would cause a visitor to return to your site. Quite often the visitor would "bookmark" on their pc your sites url so it would be easy for them to return.

Web2.0 has pushed this bookmarking to a completely new level, where instead of just bookmarking a website on your pc, you now can bookmark a website and share that bookmark with millions, on sites such as

For example, you find a great website that tells you everything you needed to know about pruning rose bushes. While visiting the site you click on your tagging tool and it prompts you to enter tags for this website. Tags are single words that help describe to YOU what this site is about - so you enter, rose, bushes, pruning, flower, garden. Now since you found this site very interesting and helpful, most likely other visitors will also and they then also tag this site - maybe even use some of the same words as you. 

What happens is over time when hundreds and then thousands of people bookmark this same site - the tags or word they used to describe that website become the most popular- best rated site to go if you want to learn about pruning rose bushes. If anyone then goes to and does a search for pruning rose bushes - this site would be one of the top choices. Now I just did a search for rose bushes pruning using The top ranked site had been bookmarked 22 times - I checked google and it is ranked #3 for rose bushes.

If the affiliate program you are promoting uses AffiliatePageDominator ,within the affiliate promotion page, there is a list of bookmarking services - to promote your affiliate link, just click on all of the bookmarking servies you have an account with, and the Tagging Machine will automatically enter your affiliate url and description - then you just need to copy and paste the tags using either the space or comma separated tags list.

As an example, go ahead and click any of the services below and tag this page:

bookmarking,system,marketing,promotion,website sales,tagging,traffic, customers
bookmarking system marketing promotion website sales tagging traffic customers Technorati digg Squidoo Yahoo Ask Jeeves Google
Stumbleupon Furl Buddymarks Fark Lycos IQ Windows Live Wink
looklater BlinkBits Blogmarks Blogmemes BlueDot Ning Open Tag 
ClaimID Complore BlogLinkage Linkroll FeedMeLinks Frassle
Kinja Linkatopica Linksnarf Lilisto Magnolia EarthLink Rojo
Reddit Scuttle Simpy Smarking zurpy PennTags
Unalog NowPublic BackFlip Blabb Blinklist Bloxor BMAccess
Care2News CiteULike CollectFavorites Connotea EggKeg dogear FatRedFish
Fungow Urlex Gabbr GetBoo GiveaLink Wists Gravee
i89 Igooi Jookster Linkagogo LinkArena Wobblog Lookmarks
MediaMatrix Memeflow MyLinkVault MyPip Newsvine Onlywire Pubsub
netvouz TailRank Spurl BookmarkTracker Butterfly Feedmarker Filangy
Hanzo HLOM Maple Markabboo RawSugar Riff Syncone
Taggly Searchles Shadows Sitejot Wobblog Tagtooga iTalkNews



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APD Tactic 2 - Use a Tagging Service

Adding your website to multiple bookmarking sites can become a tedious chore.  Fortunately there are a few services where once you setup your account, you can bookmark and tag your website to dozens of bookmarking websites.

Just enter your website url and title at Web2Bookmarking  and click on the bookmark sites you want to bookmark your site with.  Your website title and url will be preloaded.  Over one hundred (100) bookmark sites.

OnlyWire allows you to bookmark to over twenty social bookmark sites with a single click and was the first to offewr this type of service.

The SocialMarker is another site with over thirty popular bookmark sites included.  They also have a nifty button you can add to your blogs.

While a slightly different tool available at Socializeit provides a single button you can place on your website which when clicked opens a new page to the visitor listing dozens of the popular bookmarking services. 

Bookmarkz allows you to select which bookmarking services to have on your website and will with a single bit of code, display dozens of bookmarking links on your website.

What tags are the most popular should be your criteria when selecting these tag and feed buttons? The quickest way to determine what is hot and what is not is by checking out Seth Godin's site . This is a great reference site for Web2.0.  


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APD Tactic 3 - The Two Most Important Bookmarking Websites

The social bookmarking market is dominated by and StumbleUpon. These leaders split the market, as they bring orthogonal approaches to bookmarking - builds a hierarchy for people to browse (it does related relationships, etc.), while StumbleUpon is more of a random discovery system.  Obviously when it comes to bookmarking and tagging your website - at a minimum get your bookmark and tags placed with these two powerhouses.  and Stumbleupon.


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